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Many clients cannot afford to pursue, or would prefer not to pursue, certain cases under a traditional hourly fee arrangement. Others look for predictability in litigation pricing or want to avoid the uncertainty of hourly billing. We understand. Depending on the case, we offer clients alternatives to the billable-hour arrangement.

  • Fee based on a percentage of recovery 
  • Firm shares in risk and recovery
  • Monthly fixed fee schedule that varies by phase of case
  • Monthly fixed fee estimate, with lower and upper collar (e.g., 10%) on estimate
  • If actual hourly fees are less than lower collar, firm credits client a predetermined percentage of the difference 
  • If actual hourly fees are greater than upper collar, client pays firm a predetermined percentage of the difference

For select cases, we craft hybrid pricing structures tailored to our client’s budget and goals. Examples include:

  • Reduced hourly fee with contingency fee kicker
  • Litigation funded by third-party litigation funder 
  • Contingency fee with minimum threshold
  • Fixed fees for phase of case, hourly for trial
  • Fixed fee for appeal or post-grant proceeding

Contact us to learn more about our alternative fee arrangements and if your case meets our criteria.