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Our trademark team provides a full range of personalized trademark services to companies big and small, emerging and established. We recognize companies invest heavily in building brands and creating goodwill with their customers. We protect those efforts. We give clients clear, concise, and commercially practical trademark advice geared toward long-term brand protection.  

Trademark Services

We offer clearance searches to assess the availability, protectability, registrability, and risk associated with adopting a new trademark or expanding the scope of an existing one. Our trademark lawyers identify any barriers or obstacles clients may encounter and counsel them on how to proceed. This is often the first step in seeking a trademark registration.

We prepare and file trademark applications for all types of trademarks with the State of Texas and the federal U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). After filing a trademark application, our trademark lawyers prosecute the application through the trademark office, handling communications and Office Actions from the trademark examining attorney.

Once trademark registration is granted, our trademark lawyers handle the preparation and filing of all post-registration maintenance and renewal documents, like section 8 declarations of use (filed between fifth and sixth year after registration), combined section 8 and 9 declarations (filed every ten years after registration), and combined section 8 and 15 declarations (seeking incontestability status).

Our trademark lawyers counsel clients to ensure their trademarks are correctly used on websites and other media. We provide guidelines and policies concerning proper trademark use, which clients can circulate amongst staff, keeping their trademarks strong. And our team advises clients on brand identification, the competitive landscape, and how to select and best position their trademarks, partnering with clients’ internal and external marketing teams as needed.

Trademark management is critical to maximizing and protecting a company’s brands. We conduct trademark audits, manage registrations and filings, police and enforce trademark rights, and develop trademark strategies based on clients’ business growth goals, geographic expansion, and budget, correcting any gaps or weaknesses in the current portfolio along the way.

Our trademark lawyers regularly handle trademark oppositions and cancellations before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, a tribunal within the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our trial and trademark savvy gives us a unique advantage in these trial-like proceedings.

Our trademark lawyers counsel clients on exploiting and monetizing their trademark rights through licensing, selling, and using trademarks as collateral to secure financing. We draft trademark licenses, assignments, and other agreements designed to maximize clients’ trademark portfolio, which is often amongst their most valuable assets.

To learn more about our trademark litigation practice, visit our intellectual property litigation page.

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