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Our copyright lawyers represent companies and creators in protecting their copyrightable content through copyright registration and copyright licensing and other transactions. We provide authors, musicians, photographers, artists, and software developers cost-effective filing strategies and give practical advice to help them maximize the value of their works.

Copyright Services

Our copyright lawyers offer strategic counseling on copyright registration and related issues to creators. We prepare, file, and prosecute copyright applications with the U.S. Copyright Office, and help clients devise strategies that protect and monetize copyrighted works. Our copyright team also advises clients on proper use, misuse, and fair use of copyrighted content.

Copyright agreements are vital to protecting ownership interests and monetizing creative works. Our copyright lawyers negotiate, draft, and counsel clients on a broad range of copyright agreements, including copyright license agreements, copyright assignments, work-made-for-hire agreements, website terms of use, settlement agreements, and other contractual arrangements.

To learn more about our copyright litigation practice, visit our intellectual property litigation page.

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