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Our licensed patent lawyers are strategic partners to a broad range of thinkers, makers, and doers. We safeguard ideas and commercialize IP assets through patent transactions, due diligence, opinions, and strategic counseling. Given our deep patent litigation experience, we are uniquely positioned to advise clients in these areas. Lessons learned through decades of inventorship, patent infringement, and other patent-related disputes are always top-of-mind for our patent lawyers and inform how we approach any patent law matter.

Patent Services

Patent licenses and other patent transactions are a way for patent holders to create revenue and efficiently resolve patent disputes without litigation. As a complement to our patent litigation practice, our registered patent lawyers are adept at negotiating, drafting, and advising clients on proposed or existing IP transactions, including patent licensing, inventorship agreements, assignments, royalty agreements, sales agreements, and similar patent transactions.

In mergers and acquisitions, licensing arrangements, and other transactions involving IP, the underlying value of the patents involved is paramount. Our registered patent lawyers provide thorough due diligence of patent portfolios to identify and minimize risks associated with patent transactions, ensuring clients obtain a fair price in their deals.

Patent opinions are critical for companies seeking to protect their investments and minimize infringement litigation exposure. Our registered patent lawyers provide patentability opinions, freedom to operate opinions, infringement opinions, and validity opinions. These opinions help clients decide whether to invest in filing and prosecuting patent applications, evaluate patent infringement risks and licensing opportunities before launching a new product, ascertain the value and strength of a patent, minimize the risk of a willful infringement finding, satisfy pre-lawsuit investigation requirements, and give leverage and clarity in transactions involving IP.

To learn more about our patent litigation practice, visit our intellectual property litigation page.

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